June 2018 JTC 1/ SC40 Plenary Meeting, Lisboa, Portugal

Jan will chair the SC40 Plenary and Working Group meetings hosted by itSMF Portugal.

International experts will progress current standards and consider reports on IT service management of infrastructure and business analytics for ITES-BPO.

December 2017 Digital Economy Strategy, Brisbane

Jan will host a panel discussion on the recent federal government consultation paper and the new standard for governance of data.

This will be followed by an IT-30 meeting, the Standards Australia committee for Governance of IT and Management.

October 2017 ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary, Vladivostok, Russia

Jan attended the 30th anniversary annual meeting of the ISO/IEC JTC1 as Chair of SC40. This plenary was held as part of the IEC general meeting.

May 2017 JTC 1/ SC40 Plenary Meeting, Okayama, Japan

Jan chaired the SC40 Plenary in Japan. 33 countries participate in this international committee.

Nov-Dec 2016 New BPO Publications

A new series of technical specifications (ISO/IEC 30105) was published in November providing guidance on IT enabled business process outsourcing.

November 2016 JTC 1 Plenary, Lillehammer, Norway

Jan attended the annual meeting of the largest ISO technology committee as Chair-elect of SC40 and was appointed Chair for a 3-year term.

March 2017 AICD Governance Summit in Melbourne

Jan attended the 2017 Australian Governance Summit focusing on governance and leadership through complexity and change.

November 2015 AICD director briefing on ‘White Collar Crime’

Jan chaired the AICD director briefing on ‘White Collar Crime’ on Tuesday 24th November 2015.

January 2016 New Benefits Realisation Publication

A new technical specification was published 29th January providing guidance on effective governance of IT enabled investments for improving benefits realisation.

May 2016 JTC 1/ SC40 Plenary Meeting, Suzhou, China

Jan led the Australian delegation at the SC40 Plenary in China and spoke at the International Standards Forum of IT Governance.

5 July 2016 Digital Governance Forum, Canberra

Jan and John Sheridan (CTO, Australian Government) will explore the roles of the governing body and management throughout the lifecycle of digital investments.

March 2015 Innovation and Roundtables

Jan attended a 3D printing workshop and the Victorian Water Industry Innovation Conference.

Jan participated in two AICD roundtables: the role of NFP boards in investment; Fellows discussion of director's role in the oversight of technology and digital strategy.

April 2015 Not-for-Profit Briefing in Melbourne

Jan spoke at the 22nd April AICD briefing on why governance of IT should be on the board agenda and how to implement it in your organisation.

Jan also chaired the Standards Australia ICT Governance and Management Committee in Sydney in April.

October 2015 IPAA ICT Forum in Melbourne

Jan will present at the rescheduled Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) ICT Forum on Compliance, Governance and Innovation on 14 October - see here.

May 2015 ISO/IEC JTC1/SC40 Meeting in Brazil

Jan led the Australian delegation at the SC40 Plenary in Brazil.

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